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About us

Law  company is a large complex organism that you should manage confidently, maybe hard, but gently and carefully. In the company management there are no trifles. Daily routine is no less important than the global plans. The most important thing is to always remember, what objects the company pursues. Business is done by people and for people. So we take care to ensure that our customers are satisfied and our employees feel that they are engaged in an important and useful business. We have very big plans. We believe in ourselves and our employees. Our employees have a 14 years' experience of successful work in law.

For the past 14 years, we offer a comprehensive solution to business problems. However, we always find time for legal advising not only corporate clients but also individuals.

Our main principle in legal work is to offer legal services, achieving the so-called "exchange capping". It means to do faster than promised, better than expected, more than agreed. That is why we pay great attention to the technical equipping of staff and improvement of their skills, quality and fast work. Leaving us after consultation, any client knows that he has received information, the value of which exceeds the amount of money he paid for advice. In addition, the forgetfulness of the client when working with us does not entail for him negative consequences, because the cost of services includes the opportunity for the client to "after-ask" the forgotten question, including by phone. Our slogan is "Comfortably and seriously!"

Communicating with clients in person we feel every day that our clients require such kind of our approach. Feedback from clients and their Letters of gratitude allow us justifiably to say: "There are hundreds of law companies. But there are only a few real  law companies!"

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